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S&C for runners.
Group training sessions

We champion continual progress for athletes and sport by taking action to help athletes reach their potential. Every job at NIKE, Inc. is grounded in a team-first mindset, cultivating a culture of innovation and a shared purpose to leave an enduring impact.


Getting to the start is half the battle.

Eventually injuries side-line almost all runners, but by using targeted strength training, we can minimise disruptions to our event build up. By strengthening the muscles and joints used in running, S&C can help prevent common injuries such as shin splints, IT band syndrome and runners knee.

Becoming more efficient & improve running economy.

Strength training can help runners become more efficient by improving their form and reducing the amount of energy they need to expend while runnin


Greater muscle strength for faster splits.

By targeting specific muscle groups, strength training can help runners develop stronger muscles, which can improve running performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Strength training can also help runners develop explosive power, which can translate into faster running speeds and better performance in races.

Delaying muscle fatigue.

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Strength training for hormonal balance.

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What to expect.

Our group strength session run for approx 45min and our S&C for runners workouts are designed to strengthen the areas needed for running, but not fatigue you & detract from what youre there to improve... running.

Movements you can expect to have included are general strengthening exercises of total body including postural corrective exercises, plyometrics, mobility exercises and 1-2 key lifts per session.

*Occasionally there may be some short running intervals but an alternative will always be offered if your own running volume is high or there is risk of injury.

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