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Operating from Coolum to Noosa in your local park, school, workplace or club. WRK-OUT comes to you, we give you room to move & fresh air to breathe. Private and personal, or scalable up to large group classes for your team, workplace or community.

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The WRK-OUT™ training philosophy is based on moving well, meeting you where you're at & slowly creating changes that drive strength gains through efficient movement, load management & training specificity for your sport or goals. 

We take a highly individualised approach to your training exercises & experience, so the sessions are geared only to you, your personality and your goals. We specialise in strength and conditioning for endurance athletes but have over 18yrs of experience in a variety of sports & pursuits, from teams sports, to equestrian to injury rehabilitation & weight loss.

Private and semi private training is a service for clients who want to tailor their sessions to their specific needs - whether you've got a specific goal in mind, an event, or you might just be more comfortable working out on your own.


Personal training can be modified for single person sessions or private small groups. We can also come straight to your doorstep - like an uber of fitness! Although we specialise in strength and conditioning for endurance sports such as triathlon, swimming, cycling & running, we have trained people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels and in sports ranging from Horse riding (dressage and jockey), to Football, Soccer, Netball, Hockey, Surfing and Sailing.

Personal Training

The WRK-OUT™ schools program is designed to teach kids about functional movement, how to strengthen their bodies through play and games based circuit workouts, as well as introduce a team element to fitness training. These sessions can be done during school hours, before the start of school, or at the end of the day during after school care.

Our Healthy Parents program is a service for mums, dads & carers that allows them to get their session done after school drop off, eliminating the need to travel to a gym. We set up on school grounds where possible so we're ready to go, saving you time and hassle in the morning.


The program aims to save parents time, as well as help create more of a community around school.

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With team training we create private group exercise sessions, specific to your team, whether its a sport's team or a team of work collegues. We can tailor the sessions to suit your individual needs, the specific size of your group and can even setup at your sport's ground or workplace. 

We provide, bring along and setup all the equipment so all you need to do is turn up with your crew, ready to go. 


WRK-OUT™ Private Group Sessions are designed to bring a personal touch to your fitness posse. Train as a team with specific small group workouts tailored to you & your crew. 

It's Personal Training with the energy of a group class and offers a boutique service that can be changed and modified as the groups needs grow and evolve. From custom exercises to your choice of music, our Private Group service is a great way for you & your fitness mates to get together & sweat together.

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Covid 19 & Hygiene 

Our setup is unique, outdoor based & allows for maximum physical distancing between those training & the instructor.

Our equipment is disinfected after every booking and rotated hourly so no one is using the same piece of equipment as anyone else that day..

We provide hand sanitiser for all clients upon arrival & encourage anyone who's feeling sick to stay at home :)

For more information about our Covid19 policy, please feel free to shoot us an email.
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